:: Solar Hot Water System Promotion in Government Building Project

:: Procedure and Reason

At the moment hot water is needed for many kinds of activities, for example in hospitals, hotels, schools etc. In most of the government buildings heating is done by using gas or electricity, or in case of large installations boilers are fuelled with diesel or heavy fuel oil. Using electricity to produce hot water requires a lot of power and is uneconomical, especially with high fuel/energy prices. Therefore it will contribute to increasing fuel expenses and eventually to global warming.

ี้The best way to solve this problem is to produce hot water with energy from waste or with waste-heat.

DEDE started to implement solar hot water projects for government buildings by supporting education and detailed design of solar hot water systems, including supporting all expenses for solar hot water system installations. The implementation was planned for 3 years continuous from 2009 till 2011. Anyhow, solar hot water systems help to save on fuel expenses and decrease the import of fuel.


:: Objectives

To design solar hot water system for government buildings


:: Proposes

It is proposed to provide detailed design services for solar hot water systems for government buildings, such as; hospitals, hotels, schools etc. , and to provide installation investment of these solar hot water systems.

  • Year 2009; design 50 locations

  • Year 2010; design 50 locations and install 10 locations

  • Year 2011; install 90 locations
:: Targets
For the year 2009 finish the detailed design of solar hot water systems for government buildings, in total 50 locations per year. By the year 2011 a total of 100 locations will be installed with solar hot water systems for government buildings.

:: Government buildings; sign up to participate

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